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Exitus Elite is a membership-based online business that has been “built from the ground up” with your success in mind. Membership gives you access to everything you need to run a successful online business, including superior products, replicated websites, lead capture pages, autoresponders, resources and training.

Our system monitors all aspects of your business, making things incredibly simple for you, and allowing you to focus on making money.

Get Into Profit… Quickly!

Start earning 100% commissions after only 1 pass up sale at your level or above. Get paid from the VERY FIRST SALE on any levels below you. That’s right… you are PRE-QUALIFIED for all lower levels.

Industry Leading Compensation Plan

The Exitus Elite You First ™ Compensation Plan is the fairest in the High-Ticket industry. Want to upgrade to a higher level? With Exitus, you ONLY pay the difference between your current level and your new level.

ONE and DONE – No matter where you start in our program you’ll never pass up more than one member. Every one else stays with you. As you upgrade and qualify at a new level, you keep your new team member and only the commission passes up. With Exitus Elite you keep more team members and make money even faster!

PLUS, you get a bonus as soon as you make your first pass up sale at ANY level.
You will receive one year’s FREE Membership at that level.
A WIN-WIN situation for you.

Make Money While You Sleep

With four ways to make money in Exitus, it’s even possible that you will make money while you are asleep! With Overrides, Pass Ups, Upgrades and Split-Pay Overrides all forming part of the You First™ Compensation Plan.

Exitus Affiliates Make Money

By becoming an Exitus Affiliate, you can earn $100 – $1,000 profit almost instantly, just by offering memberships to others, who then purchase one of the Genesis Library products from you.

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