Don’t Forget to Dream

Sometimes we know that something has to change in our lives. That need often gives birth to a dream. The problem is we often succumb to the fear of the unknown and turn our backs on the doors that are opening to us. Life was different back in the 1800’s. Charles Tiffany was 15 whenContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Dream”

Seize the Opportunity and Master Your Life

Who have you hired to be in charge of your own life? You… or everyone else? A successful life doesn’t just happen. It requires you to invest in yourself.

Beyond Expectation And Enjoy Success

The basic but important principle of success in life and business is to give better service with a positive mental attitude above and beyond what is expected Nature applies this principle in the production of foods that grow from the soil. The farmer is forced to go the extra mile, clearing the land, plowing it and planting the seed at the right time of the year. He receives no pay in advance for his labor but he works in harmony with nature’s laws with the necessary requirem…

How Do People Become Successful?

Here’s an interesting fact you may not know about. In America, there is a millionaire made every 5-10 minutes! And here’s the most surprising thing. Most of these millionaires (around 80%) either didn’t finish college, came from poor families or didn’t even speak English as their first language! So when you actually look at whoContinue reading “How Do People Become Successful?”

5 Keys to Success

Treating people with respect wins trust and develops lasting relationships. Here’s what to do. 1) Be on time. In fact, arrive early for appointments and meetings. Plan time milestones in your daily schedule that tell you when to begin transferring to an appointment. That is, note when you will stop working on a task, beginContinue reading “5 Keys to Success”