Why is your Curriculum Vitae (CV)Important?

One of the major concerns I get from recruiters is that applicants simply do not know how to develop or design their CV. A CV is simply a comprehensive overview of your educational background, teaching philosophy, and research experience. What I have found is that many potential instructors feel that they do not have the experience needed to be documented on a CV. After all, a CV is around 5-12 pages in length. Though the length is true, one can be shocked at what information can be found when asked some simple questions so the length is actually a null point.

So, do you have a CV that can wow a decision maker?

At Daniel Zimmerman Consulting, Inc, we offer a CV review as well as a CV overhaul that is geared to help you get that teaching position.

What you will get is a :

  1. A complete overhaul of your resume/CV – grammar, style, keywords, and more
  2. A powerful, attention-grabbing introduction using your Teaching Philosophy– This will need to be supply by you.
  3. Personal Attributes: such as teaching methods, teaching experience, professional experience, formal education, educational training, memberships, affiliations, residencies and colloquium, and honors/awards.
  4. Highly Competent Subject Areas– computer experience, LMS, Courses for SME.
  5. References who have a doctorate
  6. ATS-compatible content. If you provide a job description, I run it alongside your resume through ATS software
  7. Tailored cover letter easily modified for a variety of jobs

It is time to get started. If you do not have a proper CV, then you are just spinning your wheels.

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman is an educational consultant and international professor of human resources. A former Director of Education, Dr. Zimmerman helps clients find those ever-elusive online teaching positions. If you’re looking to teach online, please be sure to subscribe to this blog.

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